About Jasmin....


The Blue Fairey has been a long sought after dream of mine for many years. I am very fortunate to have manifested it to life. As a young girl I was always drawn to the mystical and wondrous spirit of nature. I am an active tarot reader and have been since I first picked up a deck over 20 years ago and since then have read for over 5000 people. I am a solitary practitioner of Earth based traditions that are thousands of years old. It has brought light and love into my life. I do know it is not for everyone. I respect the diversity of free thinking. I believe your path is your own and it is YOU who walks that path, so love who you are! I am here to lend my best efforts to help you on your spiritual journey in this life.   ~Blessed Be~


Spiritual Readings

If you are curious what the Universe can help you with, schedule a Spiritual Reading today. Explore your spiritual side and open your mind. Contact me today to schedule a reading. Call me at 401-212-7100 or email thebluefairey@yahoo.com